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Up Topic Communities / High School / Two months, the dust road "turned" mud road
- By aneagemen [cn] Date 2012-09-02 11:59 PM
Ma circles village chief, said Wu Xiaoping, Recently a lot of rain, coupled with past large vehicles, especially the increase of the transport cart of washed sand, dust road into a mud road, not only More than 400 children to school affected the lives of the villagers has also been severely affected, the original bazaar business, the villagers at night even did not dare to go out ...
Two months, the school had no running water
The reporter observed a moment, from 14:00 to 14:20, just 20 minutes, it has 14 large vehicles loaded with washed sand, earth, stones through from the "mud road". Who asked nike free run 3 not to disclose the names of the parents said the school's water pipes are also carts pressure off, the school has been two months without running water.
According to Lu autumn, repair water pipes did not use the repair will be pressure off, the desperation, the village had a car more than 170 yuan price to buy the water, the water reservoir there are schools.
In the morning of December 9, the horse community village organizations bulldozer cleaning up the mud, but the effect is not obvious, the villagers believe that the bulldozer silt palliatives.
At 3:40 p.m. on December 9th, the reporter called the the Zhongmacun District Department of Transportation office phone, but get a strange explanation. The staff answered the phone air max 2012  said that the way was on the 7th night with something to pad the pad, the children attend school regularly. When the reporter said that afternoon, reporters had on-site interviews, when the road is still occupied by silt, the staff member said he "did not know.
This road to destruction so serious, it would be no relevant departments to deal?
Claim has been processed, or mud road why?
In fact, the person in charge of the horse community village road damage when told Ma Village District Department of Transportation to reflect, when they get the answer is, the nike free run 2 on sale maintenance of this road has been included in the plan, this winter will be able to commence in July this year. but now in December, or no one to fix roads. Horse community village, the official said, December 7, Zhongmacun relevant person in charge of the transport sector, specifically to see this road.
Up Topic Communities / High School / Two months, the dust road "turned" mud road

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