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Up Topic Communities / Women / Tuesday 6/6/2017 NRR
- - By elmtree Date 2017-06-06 9:04 AM
post :happy:
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2017-06-06 9:05 AM
So far I've gotten hot sauce on my dress and cream cheese on my cardigan. And it's not even noon.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-06 9:06 AM
I think you need guacamole as well to complete the assortment of shades on your clothing.

Of course both dress and cardi are light colours?
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2017-06-06 9:10 AM
I'm allergic to avocado, so we'd be adding some hives and lack of breathing to that. :shocker!:

Actually dark blue and black, so I've got that going at least.
Parent - - By Buggy [us] Date 2017-06-06 9:27 AM
Yeah - don't add the guac, then. Blue skin would not be a flattering accent to that ensemble! :shocker!:
Parent - By spccer6 [us] Date 2017-06-06 9:31 AM
Yeah, red splotchy, blue, and black aren't in colors right now.   And breathing - life's better when you do that.
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-06-06 2:40 PM
Allergic to avocado, that's even worse than my allergy to chocolate!
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2017-06-07 4:20 AM
DUring my allergy testing (one of many), they initially told me I was allergic to chocolate. I was HORRIFIED. I asked them to double check that because due to the volume I (usually) eat I'd have died if that were true :blush::laugh: Turns out she reversed that section :meh:
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-06-07 10:17 AM
I have been told since childhood that I am allergic to peanuts, yet peanut butter is a big part of my diet and I've had no adverse issues!
Parent - By ironjen Date 2017-06-07 12:27 PM
I am also allergic to peanuts but eat peanuts and PB daily, though I am told that could change at any time. There are a surprising number of things I'm allergic to that I eat daily without issue and things that showed up as mildly allergic that I can't eat and cause digestive issues (like almond milk). Go figure. Bodies are so weird.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-06 3:50 PM
Good. I had visions of white or a very light colour with hot sauce on it. Though cream cheese is probably showing up all too well on dark blue and black.
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2017-06-06 3:52 PM
Yeah, it looks like a different substance as it's on the lap of my dark blue dress.  :laugh::cry::laugh:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-06 3:54 PM
:laugh: Yes, Monica, I'm sure it does...
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2017-06-06 4:05 PM
It's so bad!  :cry::laugh:
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-06-06 7:20 PM
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-06-07 12:35 PM
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-06-07 11:40 AM
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-06-07 11:40 AM
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-06 9:07 AM
Mike and Patty go back to the clinic tomorrow. We will miss them -- Iota in particular will miss them, he loves them -- but I do not want any more permanent cats right now and I think they will be adopted very quickly.
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2017-06-06 9:10 AM
How many of your own cats do you have now?
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-06 10:23 AM
Three. Fernanda, Guinevere (Gwen), and Iota.

Hrhiow will be back the end of next month when DD moves back in.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-06 3:55 PM
And we are likely to get some more on Thursday afternoon, after an evening of disinfecting and cleaning. Mike's lack of coordination makes him one of the messiest eaters I have ever seen. And that's including DD and DS when they were going through the "No! Me do it!" stage.
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2017-06-06 4:05 PM
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 1:04 PM
And I get to enjoy them through the kitten stage and then GIVE THEM BACK. How cool is that?

Though sometimes we do lose them. RIP Paisley and Apricot. I don't think Geraldine made it either.
Parent - - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-06-07 6:05 PM
I love reading about your fosters.:hug:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 9:45 PM
I should get some more tomorrow. I just scrubbed the front bathroom and sprayed bleach solution to disinfect it, and the litter boxes have been emptied (good thing it's trash day tomorrow), scrubbed, and disinfected also.:hug:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-06-07 12:27 PM
aw, you are such a kitty angel :hug::hug:
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2017-06-06 12:58 PM
This year 2 of Amanda's costumes needed snaps or tacking (each one needed 3). UGH. In the past I've paid to have it done and this year I was all "that's stupid I can sew that". And I can. It's just a royal PITA. But it IS done but I probably should have sewed it more (ie made it more sturdy). Eh. So did I mention that Amanda tried out for the coming seasons dance team? It was on Sun afternoon. She said she feels she did ok in Tap and Ballet but messed up the jazz. That said it remains a mystery if she will make the team. They will also watch her at concert/show. We supposedly won't find out results until mid july. And I have to say the dance competition rules are weird much the way tri rules are in regards to age. I specifically asked what group A should try out as and was told Teen but when she went they put her in with Juniors. Supposedly it won't matter even though she will be 12 come competition time. A friend said it is to her advantage to try out for the younger group :wtf:
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-06-06 2:42 PM
Why so long before you find out? I tried explaining dance competition rules/ scoring to a runner friend and she was too confused!
Parent - By ironjen Date 2017-06-07 4:24 AM
Because they don't look at JUST the tryouts. They are also evaluating all of the kids who tried out over the last few weeks of the year (of classes) and they how they do at the show. Our show isn't until June 23/24 which is the last weekend in Jun this year. So then they give it 2 weeks or so then let everyone know. The auditions were just for how quickly they can pick up choreography and perform it. Apparently how they are doing tryouts this year is different from years past so it is possible they will let kids know sooner.
Parent - - By spccer6 [us] Date 2017-06-06 1:59 PM
Trying not to freak out.  The panel I'm on Friday has sold all 350 tickets, with another 52 on the waiting list.  So they're attempting to move to a larger space to accommodate more people.  Um, eep.  Talking myself off of the imposter syndrome ledge.  They just sent the (long) list of possible questions.  There are some doozies.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-06 3:52 PM
You are not an impostor. You are an experienced, educated professional. You are someone they want to hear from and who can provide valuable knowledge to this group.

Glad you have the questions in advance so you can be prepared for them!
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2017-06-06 6:46 PM
Some thoughts.

First, don’t waste time trying to convince yourself that you actually are smart and competent.  The more you argue with impostor syndrome, the worse it gets, so don’t waste time – it will pass.

Second, reflect on why you were invited to this panel.  What makes you stand out?  Are you a woman in a male-dominated field?  An English major in a field of engineers?  An engineer at the American Academy of Poetry?  :wink:  What are the skills that you highlight in a cover letter, or in an interview?  What are the skills you deploy in the course of doing your job, day to day?

If you’ve overthought this so much that you can no longer remember what you’re good at, sit down right now and email five to seven trusted colleagues and ask them, What am I good at?  The answers might surprise you.  For example, I spent years being told by people that I didn’t talk enough, that I was too quiet, that I’m weird for not talking more, etc.  When I reached out to colleagues a while back to ask them what I was good at, strangely enough I heard consistently from all of them: We really respect the way you stay quiet and listen to people – when you talk, it’s because you have something to say that reflects what other people are saying; you’re not just talking to hear your own voice.  So something that I had been told was a flaw was, in adulthood, part of my character that people who had taken the time to get to know me really respected.

Third, remember these things: You don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to know the answer to every question.  You don’t have to demonstrate your worth to the world solely in this one panel.  It’s just another day at the office.

Sit down and look at those questions.  Why are they hard?  Maybe that is something to talk about:  “You know, that question is a real doozy, because it gets right to the heart of what makes my work challenging, and let me tell you about that…”  “Thanks for asking that question – wow, that’s a tough one!  If I had to deal with a question like that in my work, I would for sure go to my more technically-trained colleagues and run it past them. That’s because I’ve learned the value of consulting with people from multiple backgrounds before deciding on a course of action.”

Are there themes in the questions?  Maybe there’s one on how you would manage a geographically-dispersed team, one on how you confidently manage staff who have more technical expertise than you do, and another on how you manage star performers who have strong ego issues.  Maybe you don’t know the answer to any of those specific questions – but, you’ve thought a lot about your approach to management in general, so you can extrapolate from what you do know to telling people what you would do in those unfamiliar situations.

Fake it to make it.  Act like a smart strong capable person, then you’ll be treated like one, then you’ll remember that you actually are one.  :hug:
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2017-06-07 7:43 AM
:hug::hug: You're so wise! And it's nice to "see" you.
Parent - By spccer6 [us] Date 2017-06-07 10:12 AM
This is so helpful.  Thank you!
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-06-07 12:30 PM
wow, such great advice!  I'm going to print this out!
Parent - - By spccer6 [us] Date 2017-06-09 11:11 AM
Panel was this morning.  It went very well.  I shared some of your info because one of the questions dealt with imposter syndrome/not feeling adequate.  So thanks!  :hug:
Parent - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2017-06-09 11:22 AM
Parent - By skigirl Date 2017-06-09 10:08 PM
Parent - - By runnertype [us] Date 2017-06-06 5:45 PM
Had a fun little ED visit last night to remove a piece of wood from the Sierras that got stuck in my shin 2 days ago. I didn't know it was there, thought I'd gotten it all out and that the cut was just infected. Doc decided to do a quick ultrasound and there it was, a centimeter under the skin. It. Had a little minor surgery to have it removed, couple of antibiotics for 10 days, steri-stripped it close and away I went. Add this to the forum list of freak running accidents. And I feel also the need to add that I did a good 12 miles of the race after the acquisition of my wooden leg. Argh.
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-06-06 8:29 PM
:shocker!:  You should get a wooden metal!
Parent - By ironjen Date 2017-06-07 4:28 AM
I think it was Xtreme Taper who was impaled in his leg by a stick and he finished a 100 mile race with a hole in his leg (it required stitches etc). Weirdos :wink: Glad you got it checked out though!
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2017-06-07 7:44 AM
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-06-07 8:25 AM
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 9:46 PM
You may be in trouble for transporting wood products across state lines. Glad they found it.

"Just infected" is not something to take lightly. Glad you went to ED.
Parent - By Mickey [ca] Date 2017-06-09 11:27 AM
:shocker!::laugh:   DNR will cite you for transporting wood between EAB zones!
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-06-06 8:28 PM
The siren song of suicide is strong tonight. :sad: I thought I was too numb to feel this way anymore. Shit. It's gonna be a long night.

The hardest battles are the ones no one else sees. These last few years have been like 2 a.m. during an ultra. You forget why you keep going, or what the whole purpose is, but you keep moving because you are sure somewhere inside you will remember once the sun comes up. I wish the sun would come up for good. I want so much to just sit down and stop.
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-06-06 8:32 PM
:cry::hug::hug:  I'm sorry you are struggling.  I hope you know you are not alone.  I'll be there in spirit.  Tbone is holding you I hope.  But even if he's not; you know he loves you.  You can call me if you want to talk.
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-06-06 9:44 PM
:sad::hug::hug::hug:  Is T-Bone with you tonight?
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2017-06-07 6:48 AM
<I say this out of caring and concern, so I hope it doesn’t come across as too blunt.>

Please find yourself a therapist.  Granted, all we really know about you and your situation is what you post.  But for the past several years, you have been struggling.  Being in touch with one’s emotions is one thing; however, the continual psychoanalysis of one’s own mind is not a good thing, especially for one prone to depression.  Unload to the therapist.  Let the therapist carry some of your burden.  That is what they are trained to do.  Your friends want you to be happy.  We are happy to listen.  But it is a struggle because we don’t know what to do or say.  A therapist does.  Please seek one out.  Obviously, if T-Bone proposed to you, he wants you around for a long, long time - as do we.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2017-06-07 7:46 AM
Thinking of you. :hug: I hope that you are taking care of yourself and letting others take care of you, too.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-06-07 8:25 AM
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-06-07 9:44 AM
Parent - By spccer6 [us] Date 2017-06-07 10:11 AM
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-06-07 10:19 AM
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-06-07 12:35 PM
Zip, I want to check in with you.  Are you okay?  PC's comments are right on.  Do you have a therapist out there?  Do you need help finding one?  I can reach out to my network.  You have been through so, so much over the past few years and you really, really need some support beyond friends and family.  And us. :hug:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 1:07 PM
Just saw this. Hang in there.

And I would agree -- see a therapist. Immediately. If inpatient treatment is preferable to outpatient, GET IT.
Parent - - By runnertype [us] Date 2017-06-07 2:27 PM
I'm so sorry that you're going through this. It's great that you can share this here, but I have to wonder-your posts on FB have been very upbeat and positive for the past 24 hours, and that seems a bit incongruous with these statements. I wonder if you might feel like you are under pressure to be positive, happy, upbeat in "public" and whether that is causing your depression to worsen.... I know that for myself, there is absolutely nothing worse, when I'm experiencing depression, than feeling like I have to pretend like everything is ok. Just a thought.

I echo the concerns of previous posters-can we help you find a therapist? We want to help but feel a bit powerless, I think.:hug::hug:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-06-07 2:54 PM
Well said :hug: :hug:
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-06-07 6:56 PM
Not sure what else to add but I support the idea of getting professional help! <3
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