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Up Topic Communities / Women / Wednesday 6/7/2017 NRR
- - By elmtree Date 2017-06-07 9:14 AM
Post :happy:
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-06-07 12:35 PM
has anyone heard from Zipper today?
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 1:03 PM Edited 2017-06-07 1:08 PM
Should they have?

I have PMs out to both Zipper and tritri since I will be in Denver for one night later this month and was hoping to meet them for dinner. Stormie too if anyone has a way to get hold of her.

Edit: Just read last night's post. Praying for Zipper. If anyone has heard from her or seen her on FB, please let us know.
Parent - - By Fry [us] Date 2017-06-07 1:38 PM
She's posting on FB this morning (as of an hour ago).
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 1:58 PM
Thanks. :hug:
Parent - - By tritri Date 2017-06-07 2:14 PM
I talked with her on FB messages a lot before she headed to bed last night.  Glad she is up and about today; I'm at work where I don't have FB.

I can get in touch with Stormie via FB as well; she is not on it much, but one would hope she could see the message before then. 

I'll have to check my schedule about the 18th when I get home.  Hope we can all get together!
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 2:36 PM Edited 2017-06-07 2:39 PM
Please! Thanks. We're staying by the airport but we have a rental car so can go where is convenient for the rest of you. Since I think all of you are more southerly than the airport we have no problem meeting in the south suburbs, we're driving back from Rapid that afternoon and not flying out until the next morning. ("We" is my mother and me. Zip has met her previously.)
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-06-07 2:53 PM
Ok- I just saw her on fb too.  Thanks everyone for looking out.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-06-07 1:07 PM
My boss and I are giving a client presentation/training tomorrow. She added me on there so we can do together so I can do them myself in the future - I know the content I just absolutely hate public speaking. Seeing as we are 24 hours out from the presentation I think it would be good to know who is doing what so I can familiarize myself a bit, but she is gone for the rest of the day. Might just have to wing it tomorrow!
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 1:10 PM
Sometimes winging it is preferable, though usually not. I would say let her do it and sit there observing what she does. She will probably say something like "and this is Kelly who knows about [topic] and will be doing these at some point in the future so is sitting in on this presentation" so the client knows why two people are there.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-06-07 1:17 PM
yea that might be it. I actually know the content better than she does, so I imagine she will refer to me for some, I just need to find out if I'm actually presenting any. Or maybe just winging it is best!
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-06-07 7:19 PM
Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with food that is vegan, gastroparesis-friendly, and toddler-friendly?  We might just eat potatoes for a month. :laugh:  Ok, tofu, potatoes, and cantaloupe.  I made pierogies tonight with caramelized on the side and that was a hit, if rather labor-intensive.

Two out of three kids slept well last night, so maybe they are starting to get over their jet lag.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-07 9:53 PM
Caramelized what?

Vegan and gastroparesis-friendly don't seem to go together too well, since vegan food tends to be fairly bulky.

How about watermelon? Those are good right now.

Seitan? I make my own and it's good.

Peanut butter? Hummus, with veggies to dip for all but the gastroparesis sufferer? Gardein "chick'n" nuggets?
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-06-08 6:53 AM
Caramelized onions.  Sorry, missing word.

Yep, melons work pretty well for everyone and there's a few other things on the list, but there's an awfully long list of foods that don't work.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-06-08 9:01 AM
Is it possible to do things like salad bar/taco bar/potato bar where there is one theme but then ingredients that work for each requirement? Although that might still end up being way too much work
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-06-08 9:30 AM
That's a good idea, tacos don't take that long to put together (canned refried beans are perfectly acceptable) and everyone picks what they can eat. Can the gastro person have corn or flour tortillas?
Parent - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2017-06-08 9:49 AM
This is pretty much how our family does all meals. We are all too picky to do anything else.
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