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- - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 9:32 AM
Been to any good sales lately? Yard sale fever seems to be at an all time high around my area, I've never seen so many. Have you been yard saling recently? Any good running deals you want to share, maybe online?

Weekend running and other shenanigans, post 'em here!
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 10:04 AM
Summer has finally arrived here. But I can't complain about the heat since it's arrived about 3 weeks later than usual.:laugh: The delay seems to have set the yard sales back too, and everyone is making up for lost time. I should go out and look for an air popcorn maker. The last one I had I found at a yard sale for $2, and it lasted 10 years.:hug: RR, I just registered for the Buffalo Marathon for 2018, before prices go up on the 15th. But it wasn't a deal, still $80 to run. Geez, the first time I ran it in '05, it was $45, about 500 people finished. Last time I ran it was '15, it was $85 and there were about 1500 runners in the full, another 2500 in the half. I found a good deal online at RRS for Altras back in February, picked up 3 pairs.

10 miles with my NYCM running partner this morning, It was a good run except that we were drenched two miles in. I had half a delicious bagel with raspberry-jalapeno jam for breakfast. I got the jam in Lancaster Co., PA, last weekend, and it is so good I wish I'd bought two jars! I guess I'll have to do that relay again next year.:laugh: The kids and Philip are at his parents, I'm trying to get motivated to clean out buckets of mice crap in the basement.:cry: I need to refine my procrastination techniques.
Parent - - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 10:16 AM
The jam sounds amazing. I love the jalapeno jams.

Mice crap. :cry:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:35 PM
I decided the mouse crap has to wait another week. Or more.:roll: :blush:
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:25 PM
I miss training for a big race because then I don't have a good excuse for not working on the house.  That said, I don't necessarily work more on the house, I just feel more guilty about it. 

Fun you'll be running Buffalo again :cool:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:41 PM
I think that's why I've been running way too many races for the past, oh, 12 years!:laugh: That said, I'm now 12 years behind on the housework.

It's been too long since I ran Buffalo. And I feel some urgency to get up there, a good friend of mine was just diagnosed with cancer.:sad: Hopefully I'll get up there before next Memorial Day!
Parent - - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 10:15 AM
They have a yearly community yard sale in my neighbourhood, it was last week. I don't go to any, but see them while I run and astounded at how much stuff people have for sale.
I look on ebay for bike gear deals. Running deals? I got into the RnR 1/2 for next March for 50 bucks. :p  I got a good deal on the Kinvaras last month, think it was running warehouse.

Ran 6 in the gym yesterday, today might be another gym day. We were up late last night, had friends over. I posted  a pic of their cute Weim puppy, who is now ten months, was eight when they got her. She is a rescue who was apparently turned in by a previous owner because she is too energetic. WTF did they expect when they got a puppy? She is incredibly sweet natured and my friends are good pet parents, they have a kid who adores the pup, so she will be happy.
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:36 PM
Weimeraners are famously difficult dogs, but that is common knowledge and should have been made clear to the first family before they adopted.  Who knows what the back story may be?  It's a relief the pup's found a good forever home.  

We've had a lot of rescue / breeder debate going for several months with our DIL.  She and DS adopted a pure bred golden last week.  She's a lovely dog and we're looking forward to meeting her next weekend.  I really, really wish they'd chosen a rescue, but it was not my decision, and once they did decide, I don't see what good comes from berating them for the choice.  She's gotten a good number of digs about it, so I don't have to say anything.  In a way I can hardly blame her since her closest experience with rescues was our demon-dog Jake who seemed to be on his worst behavior when she came to visit :meh:
Parent - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:50 PM
I hear ya. Among some of our Indian friends apparently the thing to do is get a labra-doodle or golden doodle from a breeder. And then even send them to a six week camp that trains them. But then when I think of stuff like the Weim being returned maybe it's for the best for some people to have these designer dogs? People get into it without understanding what a breed might come with and then aren't able to or willing to do what it takes. The back story is this family also had a small child/baby. So you know, that apparently wasn't stressful and hard enough they got a puppy as well and then felt overwhelmed. Which is fine, better to recognize it and return than keep and neglect the pup I suppose.
Parent - - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:54 PM
Your devil dog jake was super sweet the one time he visited us and when we saw him at Cathy's
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-11 2:22 PM
I knoooooow!  I think it was because he had other good dogs around him setting a good example :halo:   But when they would visit us, he would do terrible stuff :mutmad:.  He'd bark at absolutely NOTHING, he'd get into her purse and upend it even though she thought she'd put it up high enough that he couldn't reach it.)  Once he even chewed up one of Bre's library books.  Jake NEVER chewed up books :WTF::roll:  DIL got the idea (sort of) from a co-worker who had a pup from the same breeder, and it was a super well-dispositioned animal (if there is such a word).  She'd also wanted a dog like the one in "Full House," so there was really no chance for debate.  I hoped a stray would walk into their lives before the deposit was made, but it didn't happen.

I still miss my Jake :hug:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:17 PM
It sounds like they got an older dog, not a young puppy? I'm a huge fan of dog rescue, but if someone's never had their own dog before (and I don't count dogs when you were a kid and your parents did everything for the dog) and isn't 100% sure about the challenges, I do think a reputable breeder is good choice. Dogs from a good breeder will run true to breed, so the owner know what to expect (like those Weim owners really should have known about the need for exercise:roll:), and also be bred with specific elements in mind- like companionship, or (like my SIL's brittany spaniels) hunting, or whatever.

Remember Nick, who used to post here, who got the golden doodle? I recommended his breeder to a good friend, who wanted a first dog.And they got a wonderful dog! As long as your DIL doesn't go through a puppy mill/mall pet store, she should do well.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2017-06-11 7:26 PM
Jake was a great dog!
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:06 PM
Weimaraners are cousins to the vislas, and yes, super energetic.  There are two visla puppies in town, and they are crazy! One of the owners is a runner, and runs with the dog (another Pepper!), so at least she's getting lots of exercise!

I just don't get people who give up dogs like that.:meh:
Parent - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:58 PM
My friend is a runner, and a fast one so that works. They also have an awesome backyard which backs to a creek and so she can satisfy her hunting instincts with all the critters that come by. She has apparently already gifted them a couple of snakes.:o
Parent - - By Eric1970 Date 2017-06-11 10:21 AM
Hi Aubrey.:happy:

Lots of yard sales around, but I never like going to them other than to muse about how much more junk people have than I do, so I feel better about the crap I want to get rid of that I never get around to doing. I haven't the benefit of any big sales lately.

I ran 6 miles yesterday and then 7 crappy ones today. Today the back was really stiff.

Other happenings: My goddaughter Morgan moved in this past week. She is going to work in my office part time during her summer break. She'll go to Switzerland for a few weeks at the end of the summer
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:47 PM
Hey, you'll finally have someone on your staff who won't piss you off!! 

Bummer about the stiff back :meh:
Parent - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:51 PM
I guess it will fun and stressful to have a teenager around.

Sorry about the back :|
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:08 PM

Nice that you will get to see so much of Morgan! Does she want to go into a medical field?

I've been doing more yoga to help with my back problems. Time to dig out your yoga shorts!: pbbt:
Parent - - By Ed [us] Date 2017-06-11 11:16 AM
No sales/no yard sales for me.  We've been in our house for 39 years and have accumulated way too much "stuff" to want to relieve others of theirs!  Since I'm not going to grow (shrink?) back into it I should advertise my used men's size medium sleeveless wetsuit for sale :roll:

I got an email ad the other day for pins for race numbers...$6.79 per box (10 gross to a box/1440). A pretty good deal.  I thought about stocking up as we're about to begin our club's summer race series...then I remembered I have 3 unopened boxes left from my last order :roll:

Yesterday someone loosely organized a swim-bike-run brick workout.  OWS swim in the lake, your choice of distance, then drive over to a nearby elementary school (for a scheduled 10am start) and do 5 mile/1 mile bike/run repeats.  The lake is almost a half hour drive for me.  I should have left home earlier since I got there in time for two loops around the buoys for about 900 meters total.  Another loop would have been nice.  I was 5 minutes "late" arriving at the school but only 2 others had arrived yet :roll::roll:  We ended up with a total of 7 but in hindsight, I would have had enough time for that 3rd loop at the lake :mutmad:  Found another rider who just wanted to ride & we did about 15 miles.

Today I just did some core & PT exercises for my shoulder.

AC went back on this morning.  Heat wave here we go :cry:
Parent - - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:53 PM
Fun about the"training" tri. We occasionally have stuff like that here.

Ick, hope the a/c is fixed soon
Parent - - By Ed [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:35 PM
No, AC is working fine!  Just that we had to put it on :cry:  :Idon'tliveinTexas: :wink:
Parent - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 7:08 PM
:laugh: Phew! that is good. e've had a decent summer so far, warm days punctuated by rainy days that cool things down some.
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:59 PM
Well, it's always nice to have a chance to do a group workout.  Unfortunately "loosely organized" can be really hard to deal with when you're not all that "loosely organized" yourself.  

Good you remembered the bibs before you added more "stuff" to the house :wink:

The AC :cry:
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:39 PM

We're still using leftover bibs a guy who used to be in the running club & had a race timing company donated to us from "leftovers".  We now have two of our 6 races named after guys from the club who were active volunteering at this series & the one Tuesday night is a 10K named after the guy who co-directed with me for many years who died from prostate cancer.  Leftover bibs I'm using are from a prostate cancer benefit race....seemed appropriate.
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-11 5:16 PM
oops : pbbt:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:27 PM
Group workouts are so much more motivating!:cool:

Funny, I just found 2 boxes of safety pins from a race I directed 11 years ago! I should donate them to another local race...
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:10 PM
Although I'm all for yard sales, I hardly ever go because shoppers get too aggressive.  No on-line deals that I know of at this point.  All my shopping is going to be redefined now that I'm not working at the store and having that discount anymore.   That's OK. 

Saturday was a happy little recovery run.  Today I ran just three in the morning and plan to run with my co-worker Andy and his GF.  We're supposed to go to Santa Ana in the evening when it's cooled off to 95 :roll:  Hopefully they don't stand me up because it's not the kind of run I can do by myself.
Parent - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 1:54 PM
We are totally chickening out and running on the TM :blush:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-11 3:30 PM
I used to go to yard sales every weekend when the kids were small. When Harry was 3, I found a great ski jacket for $5. It was a kid's size 7, but I made him wear that jacket for 5 years.:laugh: But yeah, now I don't want to deal with the people or their crap.  I hear you on losing the discount! I have not bought one thing from Athleta since I quit.:laugh:
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2017-06-11 4:25 PM
how do shoppers get aggressive at yard sales? :shocker!:
Parent - - By PuddleThumper Date 2017-06-11 4:19 PM
You'd have to go to a store to see any good sales. The only sale i was excited about was local cherries for $3.99! :grin::laugh::roll: After helping Dh's parents move to seattle, we don't need anything else especially from a yard sale. :meh:

26.2 Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon. I'm glad i did this one but not sure i'd do it again. :wtf: I will try and right up a report because it is an interesting marathon for a lot of reasons. They had really good vegetarian chili at the end. I added a dollup of sour cream and a bunch of crushed up ruffles potato chips to the chili which was super tasty! The watermelon and strawberries were much appreciated too. The race started at 7 am and because it starts out at the mountain pass and we had to be bused there, i got up at 3:20 am. i've had one short nap so far. might need another one before bed.

We have a dinner party with the neighbors this evening. :grin:
Parent - By indie [us] Date 2017-06-11 7:09 PM
I love races that have soup or broth or some such at the end of the race. Looking forward to the report.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2017-06-11 7:28 PM
Now you have to write a report as I am intrigued!
Parent - By Tim [us] Date 2017-06-11 7:52 PM
Well, I'll throw in the two-fer race report, from last weekend and today, both local 5Ks.

First, last weekend's race, which really wasn't about the race, but the reason behind the race. A local woman died during a half marathon last year. Absolutely heartbreaking, 2 young kids, vibrant and full of life, avid runner, etc. Making something positive out of a tragedy, her family and the race director decided to put on a 5K as a celebration of her life. I had never met any of the family but felt compelled to be there. I got there early, met her sister briefly, chatted with her dad quite a bit, shared my own story. It felt good to connect with them. The race had actually sold out so I was planning to just go for a run on my own and then cheer everyone on. But the RD (a friend of mine) hooked me up with a number so I got to run. And  I ran pretty well, clocking 21:19. Then I beelined it out of there to get to my daughter's dance recital, which started exactly 60 minutes after the race.

Then today's race. Last weekend's race was across town; this one was right down the street. It was hot, but I ran fairly well, clocking 20:49. I passed my son's friend during the last 1/2 mile; I also got passed by a guy pushing a jogging stroller. Afterwards I felt like I was going to pass out. Then I went home and showered, and coached a soccer game in the scorching sun on a baking turf field, and by the end of the game I was disgustingly sweaty again (plus I had sunblock gooped all over my face and arms).

Other shenanigans: Fire in my portable fire pit last night - awesomeness! My son and his friends built the fire, hung out for a while and then left. So I got to hang out with them a bit (it helped that I fed them some homemade pizza) and then I had some quiet time by the fire after they left.
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