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- - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2017-06-12 6:45 AM
Good morning Masters.   Poland and Germany were great.  North Carolina here we come.    Put up your daily.

QOTD:  If you take supplements do you take any that you think are a little "different" or unusual?
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2017-06-12 6:55 AM
Tom, your trip looked like it would have been a lot of fun.

I ran 3.02 this morning.  Supposed to be a hot humid week around here but the house is like a mini-fridge so it doesn't really matter.

I don't take any unusual supplements but maybe this thread will give me some new ideas.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-06-12 10:53 AM
Tom's trip did look like fun!

You too are having a HHH week?  This is the time of the year when outdoor activities are done early in the morning or late in the afternoon/early evening.  From noon till 4:00, you better be in a shaded, cool spot.

So where did you run?  Around your neighborhood?
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2017-06-12 12:15 PM
Today was just a neighborhood run.  About 35 min.  Saturday I ran into town and came back the "scenic" route with a dozen car dealers.  Paused to look at some cars.  No sales folks that early.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:43 AM
:laugh: mini fridge
Parent - - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2017-06-12 6:57 AM
Back to some HHH ( not Happy Happy Hour).   It's a bad air day in Delaware.  Don't breathe unless it's essential.  The run walk felt okay today.  Somewhat low energy.  I think I used too much energy shoveling coal in Poland.

Poland was another great experience with a few speed bumps.   Like a hotel in Germany that did not take credit cards and most of the ATMs are in grocery stores.  Except it was religious holiday so all the grocery stores are closed.  Ahhh one in the bank.  Except you need that bank's card to access the door to the ATM.  Finally a young man helped us open with his card.  Whew!    Great food.  Asked around Warsaw if anybody knew that cigar smoking, beer drinking military attache.  He is a legend.  Wish he still posted instead of herding sheep somewhere. 

I take several supplements.  But Tart Cherry is probably the most unusual.  It helps with gout.  It seems to work, but I rather eat a cherry pie.  Cherry soup in Poland is awesome!!!!

Old science teacher gathering today.  Then off to North Carolina and grandkids for a week. 

Tom in DE
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-06-12 10:55 AM
So Tom tell us how did you hook up with your Poland/Germany trip?  And what exactly do you do?  Enlighten us or at least me!

Enjoy your week with the grands!  Are you driving or flying?

How many science teachers will show up today?
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2017-06-12 12:23 PM
This is my 5th trip to Poland.  They still use steam locomotives in daily service on a couple lines.  So they let us Americans and Brits come and do their hot sweaty dirty job and buy them beer and vodka when we screw up.  It's quite an experience run down the tracks at 60 mph.  It's noisy.  One line is a 70 mile round trip the other is a 100 mile RT, both with multiple station stops.  We also took that special train, 250 miles up to the North Sea.  Lots of fun. 

Driving 11 hours down to NC.  Lynda will stay down there, then fly back.   In July I fly down with a really neat experience tacked on to that.  More later. 

I think 11 old teachers some current ones too.   I got to start COL Tom's beans real soon.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:31 AM
our beer-drinking military atache:laugh:  Yep, I miss Rick.

my SIL does the tart cherry stuff.  I looked at it - super expensive.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:45 AM
my neighbor has a tart cherry tree. He has allowed us to pick the cherries. I'm going to try to make something.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-06-12 10:51 AM
Good morning!

3.5 mile PW done early this morning.  Then went to Lowe's and picked up more plants.  My containers are almost all full.  And it is HOTT -- so I am staying indoors and doing some chores.

QOTD -- Vitamin D because according to the doctor my levels are low. 

Enjoy your Marvelous Monday!
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:41 AM
I do 1000 IU of Vit D every other day.  It's good for my heart.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:45 AM
stay cool.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:40 AM
Good Afternoon masters.  Monday means kitty love.  An elderly woman was at the shelter when I arrived.  Recently widowed I think, and moving into an apartment.  She could no longer keep her cat.  It was heart-breaking.  She sobbed for the better part of the hour she was doing paperwork.:sad:   On the upside, her cat is is quite handsome.  He will be re-homed quickly.

We have heat and humidity in abundance.  I need to get out to the bank to pay property taxes and then will hole up back in the house until sunset.  We bough Misha a wading pool yesterday.  We may both be sitting in it this evening.  Stop by for a laugh.

QOTD - I take Florastor.  It's a $$$$ probiotic.  I had a C diff episode a couple years back and I guess you don't ever recover full from that stuff.   Different foods/drinks randomly send me to the sick ward.  Currently I can't go near a glass of red wine and I have had a glass a day for 15 years.  Anyway, the Florastor seems to help some.   Brats are on the bad list as is oatmeal.  totally random, no pattern that I can see.

(no running today, maybe a sight-seeing paced bike ride after supper)
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:46 AM
My friend called and recruited me to play bunco at the nursing home on Thursday!  Should be a hoot!
Parent - - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:46 AM
what is a c diff?
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:55 AM
nasty bacteria in your gut that rears it's ugly head when you are on too many antibiotics for something else.  In my case my dentist, an endodontist, and an oral surgeon each had me on a different antibiotic for an infected tooth.

If not controlled it will consume your colon, it can be deadly.  Vancomycin works about 20% of the time on C diff.  I was lucky that it worked.  I've heard of people having fecal transplants to get  good bacteria back in the gut.  So while the c diff germs have been overpowered by the probiotics there is still some damage in my GI system.

Dottie - feel free to weight in and correct any of this.
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2017-06-12 12:53 PM
You might want to try picking your nose too.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 1:42 PM

and just like that, we went from cherry picking to nose picking.
Parent - - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 1:17 PM
got it. do you do prebiotics as well?
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 1:43 PM
no.  just the Florastor.
Parent - - By markhh [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:20 PM
Sounds like a preservative for flowers.

"Show off your blooms for weeks with Florastor!"
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:22 PM
Parent - - By DottieO Date 2017-06-12 2:57 PM
It is a persistent and potentially life-threatening infection. We see it in patients who have been on a lot of abx, particularly IV abx. IV flagyl and oral vanc have good results but it can really damage the gut. I've had patients who have had to have the fecal transplant, they've usually had a failed attempt with IV abx and are older with compromised immune systems. It's another good reason to use abx only when needed. Probiotics are helpful but evidence does not bear out they have much effect after the infection takes hold.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 7:11 PM
Parent - - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:50 AM
4 miles this morning before a doctor appt. I'm having a procedure at the end of the year. trying to get all my ducks in a row.

H and H today. small breeze. sitting outside on the patio as we speak. not so bad.

QOTD: I do not take anything strange. I am a firm believer in probiotics. the kids take them too.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-06-12 11:56 AM
the breeze is a life saver.  Good luck with your ducks.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 1:18 PM
Parent - - By markhh [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:21 PM
Ducks can be bad , but you really need to watch out for the geese.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:43 PM
yikes. scary bastards
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:05 PM
Hot and humid here.  I have kept up my early morning routine even though I don't have to get up early.  I start my run about 5:00 and have the whole day to do what I need/want to do.  This morning was 8 miles. 

I cut the grass this morning.  Had leftover pasta salad for lunch then a brief nap. 

I take a daily vitamin pack.  Nothing unusual. 

Glad your safely home, Tom.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:45 PM
sounds like me, up for no good reason!  I do enjoy having the whole day in front of me though
Parent - - By markhh [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:24 PM
Short 1.8 mile run yesterday, but I did push the pace a little bit - just to see if I could. 3ish miles on the agenda for this evening.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-06-12 2:44 PM
good luck. it's awful out there
Parent - By DottieO Date 2017-06-12 3:06 PM
I have a cranky inner quad. :sad: I think I did it at work. Sheesh. I need to graduate so I can be in private practice. All this heavy lifting and night shift work is hard on a body. :roll:

Yogurt daily and I take B12 and a combo Vit D with calcium, nothing unusual.

Parent - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2017-06-12 6:05 PM

10.47 this morning.

QOTD - liquid glucosamine, L-Carnitine, Electrolyte Cps in the summer, and Vit D in the winter. So far I am Viagra-Free for 52 years.
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