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- - By Cristen [us] Date 2017-06-14 12:32 PM
It's been a long time since I've had a big race, but for whatever reason, Wednesday would always be the day of the workweek when I started to have my 'Oh shit' time. For marathons, it usually corresponded with the my MP practice run, but even for shorter races, it was the time of week where I only had 2.x more work days to distract me.

What are your nerves like before a race? Are you as cool as a cucumber up until race morning, or are you a ball of nerves the whole week? Is there a particular race where you remember feeling all-in one way or another?

Also, the usual stuff.

Bonus Scenario: You are heading out for an out and back run that will take you around 45-60 minutes. 6 minutes into your run, it starts pouring with thunder and lightening. What do you do?
Parent - - By Cristen [us] Date 2017-06-14 12:50 PM
If I had a time goal in mind, I never got to that 'cool as a cucumber' state, and how early in the week I achieved my 'oh shit' moment generally changed with the length of the race. Marathons were around Wednesday. A half might get me to Thursday. Expos also tend to intimidate me. I see a whole bunch of serious-looking runners, and I feel like a total fraud.

Run/Bonus Scenario: This happened to me today. I wanted to run 5 miles, which, depending on the day and how much walking I do, takes between 45 and 60 minutes. Literally 6 minutes into the run, the skies open up alongside loud thunder and lightening. I bailed and ran back to my house. Of course, 15 minutes later, the weather was completely clear, and I was a little annoyed at having missed the run. Enh.

Other annoying thing: It was 97+ degrees here yesterday. We turn off our AC during the day while we're at work, and when we got home, the compressor would not turn on. It got up to a pretty-hot 86 degrees on the second floor of our house. We slept on the first floor, where it was a balmy 82 with fans, but poor L was sweating the whole night and took off her diaper and t-shirt and kept waking up to ask for water :sad: Naturally, we call our HVAC guy, who came out today to let us know that the local electrical provider disabled units to moderate demand on the energy grid. Fine thing to do, but it pissed me off that they didn't manage expectations. Hey, between the hours of 5 and 8PM, you won't be able to turn on AC. Based on a conversation we had with our AC guy last night, he recommended we shut down the unit entirely until he get there, so even when the forced disablement ended, we didn't know. In any case, we weren't charged, but it was a crappy night for all of us.
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-14 1:47 PM
You would think that the electric company would let you know about the forced disablement beforehand! :mutmad: That could be dangerous for a lot of people.
Parent - - By Cristen [us] Date 2017-06-15 8:41 AM
We called our provider, and apparently it's a program that our old owners opted into. Either Tues night was the first time they've enabled in the three years we've been there, or it's the first time we've actually noticed :roll:

I just thought we might get an alert or something when they were doing it. We get text alerts when the power goes out. I can't imagine how many calls HVAC people must get because of this program...
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2017-06-15 9:58 AM
I recall our power company offering something like that several years ago.  I believe an enticement was some type of upgraded digital thermostat and/or a small one-time discount.  When I read the part about them being able to selectively shut down my system it was a deal breaker!
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-06-14 2:52 PM
I've never heard of the electric company being able to "disable" units. How exactly does that happen?

Bummer about the run today. Sometimes a dousing feels nice, but lightening, yeah, that can be a deal breaker.
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-14 3:09 PM
:cry: Your electricity provider sounds like mine, every damned summer- every single summer- we lose power at least twice because of the surge with everyone using the AC. It's like, come on, haven't they figured this out by now?
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-14 7:40 PM
It was a wise choice to turn around but seriously :wtf: with the weather clearing so quickly?  That's just mean!! :mutmad:
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-14 1:45 PM
:laugh::laugh: Cristen I was wondering why you were racing while pregnant! :shocker!: Then I actually read your post. : pbbt:

I get a few quick hits of nerves leading up to the race. I think the first one comes when there are only single-digit days left until the race, that is when it starts feeling real for me. If it's a race I am traveling to, I get a lot of nerves while packing. I'm not worried I'll forget anything because I've obsessively been making a list for the past few days :roll: but that's when the second round of "oh shit, this is real" happens. The day before I get excited at the expo but then that wears off and I get a bit nervous. Race morning I am usually nervous as well, but for Sugarloaf I was actually pretty calm and excited to get going, I think because I knew I was so well-trained for the race and all I had to do was execute. For some reason, I sometimes get nervous before training runs. :wtf: It's silly, but I really psych myself out a lot when it comes to training and racing. It's something I'm definitely working on!

Workout/run: USDO off from running. I am washing my car later, that has to count for something! Core and stretching after that.
Blather: my business trip to Delaware was actually really good, aside from leaving my house at 5:45am to get there on time. :cry: My boss totally owes me though!

Bonus: I don't run in thunder/lightning, so I probably wouldn't have gone out in the first place! If it were a freak storm, I'd probably try to figure out if it was going to pass soon and wait it out. Otherwise I'd probably go back home and try again later.
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-06-14 2:55 PM
Yes, when you feel good and have confidence you just want to start running!
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-06-14 2:07 PM
I am pretty calm, cool as a cucumber as you say, for the most part. Things that make me the most nervous are the early wake up calls and being able to have a good BM before the race. Also pre-race packing sets me on edge until that's done. Especially for complicated 100 milers with multiple drop bags. It looks like a yard sale on my bed while I am organizing stuff. Thankfully this weekend's race the logistics are easy. One mid-point drop bag with fuel (gels, tailwind crack) and one big bag at the end of the loop with everything under the sun. So the packing part will be easy.

My first JFK50, my first Laurel Highlands, and MMT I had that all in good feeling. Last year at Mohican pretty good as well. Usually that all corresponds with my training. Sure some nervous energy but that is a good thing.

No run today. Lawn mowing and dog walking.

Bonus: In the open, on a road, I'd likely head back. Out in the woods that's happened to me often enough. I just get wet and hope the wind does not get too violent with the trees.
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-14 7:19 PM
I get anxious about getting off course on shorter races.  I think for an ultra, I would be a basket case!
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-14 3:02 PM
I always get nervous and unable to sleep well before a goal race. I jerryrigged a solution to this by making 99% of my races for the last few years "training races." In my mind, they didn't really matter, andI always slept well the night before. I also never did well at the races.:roll::blush: So now, I'm trying not to race unless it's a goal race, and I'm not signing up for every race I see, as hard as that is.:laugh: I barely slept before the C&O 100, but I also barely slept before both Two Rivers Marathons that were training races for the100. Though the latter might have been because Philip was snoring like a freakin' chainsaw.:meh:  I guess being a runner for 12 years now has made me calmer, since packing for races is almost second nature.The race where I remember feeling absolutely calm and ready was NYCM '09, and that was my first sub-four and BQ.

4 humid miles at 5:30 this morning, with Lord Weasley, a friend, and her golden doodle. I made it a short run so I could get in some weights and core, trying to do more of that. I just got in from walking the dogs today, had some extra walks, and I am fried. I'm contemplating having ice cream for dinner.

Bonus: Lightening? I go back home and jump on the tm. Not worth screwing around with lightening. If it was just rain, and I was already out running, I would continue the run.
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-14 7:17 PM
I should tell myself that more of my races are for training. 

Do you find that weight training makes you more tired?  My arms!!! :cry:
Parent - - By Ed [us] Date 2017-06-14 3:11 PM Edited 2017-06-14 3:15 PM
I would get "excited" in the days leading up to a long race like a marathon when I felt prepared to go for a PR.  Otherwise I was pretty calm.  I do have some of the "Oh shit" moments getting stuff together for a triathlon, mostly because there's a lot more stuff needed than for just a running race.  I'm especially concerned about forgetting my goggles!  A few years ago I was driving to the Central Jersey area (I.E. the general vicinity of where Eric lives) for a triathlon and 3/4 of the way there I realized I left my water bottles at home on the kitchen table :roll: 

I taught cycling class this morning & then did some core & shoulder PT exercises.  I also cut my grass this afternoon : pbbt:

Last night our club put on the first race of this summer's series.  As Cristen described, it was effing hot here yesterday :cry:  We got 51 entrants for the 10K.  We have one 10K each summer & it's not the best attended on a good weather day so the numbers were down 30-40 from last year :meh:  About 25 minutes before the race start last night I got a cell phone call..."Hi this is Manny from NBC 10, where are you guys located?" :wtf:  (NBC 10 is the local Philly affiliate.)  10-15 minutes after we started the runners their news van pulls up & it turns out someone gave their newsroom a lead that these nuts were putting on a road race in the heat so they wanted some material for their coverage of how hot is was yesterday and how the locals were or were not dealing with it.  Anyway, the reporter interviewed me for about 10 minutes and they used 15-20 seconds of it with a clip of our lead runners completing their first lap.  I don't have a real good link but one of the guys in our club took a cell phone video of it from his TV & pasted it on Facebook---->HERE      

ETA a better, non-Facebook link one of my running club friends just posted----> HERE ...31 seconds into the 1:07 segment

Bonus:  That early in the run I'd probably turn back.
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-14 3:25 PM
You're famous! :cool:
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-14 7:15 PM
How are runners dealing with the heat?  Looks like some of them are not showing up for races :shocker!:
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2017-06-14 7:36 PM
that's great!  :grin:
Parent - - By PuddleThumper Date 2017-06-14 5:36 PM
I don't typically too anxious or nervous for races anymore. :grin: If i do have a freakout moment it's usually brief and typically is triggered by something non-running related like transportation. I got very nervous while driving over to the race this last time for instance. i wasn't nervous about the race but a bit anxious about all the bus logistics working out. it was just fine. :happy:

Quads are better today. It's wednesday so i had breakfast with my mom and then we went to the pool for the deep water exercise class. Ahhh, that felt really good actually. I will probably run a little bit tomorrow but not in the morning like i normally would. we have a group hill repeat workout in teh evening. And hell no, i'm not doing any hill repeats but it'll be nice if i can jog the warm ups with people and then be stationed around to coach. :happy: it's supposed to rain though so we'll see if anyone shows up. :roll:

Dh made a lattice top 3 berry pie for the dinner party last sunday. sadly, we finished it

bonus: i'd probably duck into a business and call my husband to come and get me. that sort of weather doesn't happen too often here however. 6 minutes? i'd probably sprint back home.
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-14 7:12 PM
I'll bet the deep water running felt great!! 

Good decision to make a different workout than hill repeats :wink:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-15 7:15 AM
That pie sounds delicious! No wonder you finished it! :grin:
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2017-06-14 7:11 PM
I think my "oh crap" moment usually fell on Thursday.  I used to get pretty wound up before a race, I guess I still do, but I also have a cynical side that say no matter how well I prepare, I can get submarined by the most unexpected stuff, so there's not much I can do but suck it up and face the race.  Of course, afterward I second-guess a bunch of stuff :roll: 

Today was USDO.  I woke up not feeling the love, so I let it go.  Then I had to deal with feeling out of sorts because I hadn't run :roll: but it still didn't give me enough motivation to get out and do something about it.  By the end of the day, I was finally feeling better, and I'm looking forward to getting up early tomorrow and getting back to it. 

Bonus:  I am terrified of lightning, so the scenario is a no-brainer for me.
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2017-06-14 7:34 PM
sometimes a day off to reset everything can be very helpful. :happy:
Parent - By Cristen [us] Date 2017-06-15 8:42 AM
I would have stuck it out if it were rain alone, but it was the thunder/lightening combo that made me turn back. :cry:
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