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- - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-27 11:42 AM
Our huge worldwide company's network got hacked so I'm at work with no computer since we were all told to shut down our machines until further notice at 10am today. :shocker!: Have you ever been hacked? Have you ever hacked abyone or anything g? Have you ever participated in a hackathon?

Plus the usual...

Bonus: what is your favorite life hack?
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-27 12:30 PM
I have never been hacked or hacked anyone. I did a hackathon last year at indie's company, in 24 hours we took a problem statement and created a prototype of an app that solved the problem. It was around healthcare and we came up with some pretty cool app ideas.

Workout: speed work after work. 10 x 2:00 @ 8:04 pace. Yesterday I did a prework bike ride and a post work open water swim in the town pool (lake). Yay! Sunday was a grueling 12 mile run, it was supposed to be structured with speed but I gave up on that halfway through and just slogged it in since it was too hot and I was getting dizzy. Ugh.

Bonus: boring, but planning out all my meals for the week makes things so much easier
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-27 2:37 PM
Hackathons sound like so much fun! The concept just doesn't carry over to my old field of matrimonial law though.: pbbt:

Nice speed work. Jackie does those 2:00 intervals. I started to, the first week I could only do two!:cry: Last week I did 5. I have a ways to go before I can hit 10! And yes, Sunday sucked. I was going for 12, called it at 8 because I was completely drenched.:meh:
Parent - - By Ed [us] Date 2017-06-27 12:42 PM
I don't believe I've ever been hacked :whew!:  One of my running club friends had his Facebook account hacked today as several of us, already FB friends with him, received new friend requests from "him" :sad:  I have never participated in a hackathon.

Planned workout day off for me today.  My DW was scheduled for a routine endoscopy this morning and I was her ride.  We went out to breakfast (for her)/lunch (for me) afterwards. 

Have race #2 in the series our club puts on tonight.  It's actually 3 races with a  common start & runners have the option of 1, 2 or 3 loops of the course in the park for 3.65, 7.3 or 10.95 miles.  Fortunately tonight's sunset is the latest it will be all year so hopefully we'll get everyone in before it gets dark/really dark.

Bonus:  Before I retired I would sometimes make a list in deadline or "size of effort it would take" order for stuff that had to get done.  If it was a task I really despised I might let go until the last minute so I could rationalize not devoting much time to it :meh:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-27 2:33 PM
I wish I lived closer to your running club, I need to do more races to work on speed and the 5Ks around here have gotten so expensive!:sad:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-27 3:11 PM
I'm not sure your life hack is a good one :wtf::hug:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-27 2:30 PM
I was hacked once, when I was in California in 2010 crewing for a guy who was running Badwater. I had just brought my phone with me, so a guy in my group offered me his computer to check my email. Without thinking, I logged into my Yahoo account on his computer. Hours later, everybody I knew in the world had gotten an email from me telling the saga of being mugged at gunpoint in London and please wire me money to this number right now because my flight is in an hour and I can't get to the airport, yada yada.:roll: The whole story would have been funny except that a good family friend who'd known my mother since kindergarten and wasn't very savvy in the ways of the internet called my husband asking hysterically where she should wire the money and how do you do it...:shocker!: I was pretty pissed off at how these scammers take advantage of older people. Also, I had to deal with Philip giving me grief about it for ages because he's a computer security expert, and he was so mad that I logged into someone's virus-ridden computer.:laugh: I have not participated in a hackathon, though my son attended his first one last year.:cool:

6.2 miles this morning with 4 at "almost tempo" :roll:, plus weights and core. Good run, and I'm really liking the weight work. Green smoothie for breakfast. Blather: So I have been after my kids for years and years to exercise and avoid junk food, blah blah blah, which went in one ear and out the other. My son ate crap for years, and except for one season of cross country one year and a season of tennis the next year, he never played sports. Well, since he moved home at the end of April, he's been running 2 miles every morning, and recently added a fairly strenuous weight routine to the running. And today, he asked me to make him a protein shake!:shocker!: I was like, "Who are you and what have you done with my kid?":laugh: He's following some program he found to pack on the muscle.:laugh::laugh: He's even agreed to give up the Skippy for a natural peanut butter with no sugar. Is it a coincidence that he's almost twenty years old? When people told me teenagers suck but they really do grow out of it, they weren't kidding!: pbbt:

Bonus: Years ago I read that if you put onions in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before you chop them, they don't sting your eyes and make you cry. So I've been doing that since, when I remember, which isn't a whole lot, but when I do, it really works!
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-06-27 3:10 PM
Yay Harry! :grin:
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2017-06-27 6:56 PM
Not just identity theft......not me, but blazerman.....and that sucks. My BIL manages a large medical practice with about a dozen doctors and they were recently hacked.

10 slow miles this stomach was funky. Went to boxing class tonight. Busy at work, juggling a couple of pain in the ass things.:roll:

Bonus: the crockpot
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-06-28 3:08 AM
identity theft.:cry:

I love the crockpot! I bought mine at Kmart for like $20 when we first moved here in 1999, and it's the one of the few pieces of kitchenware I can honestly say I've gotten my money's worth from many times over! It's always a relief to know dinner is taken care of by 7am.:happy:
Parent - By PTRunner [us] Date 2017-07-02 6:50 PM
I live down the street from a hub of that company (if it's who I think it is).  Was all over the news here and made an interesting week for some friends and neighbors!
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